Every home should have a “Settee”

In this Coffee/Tea room that is dedicated to charming dialog between friends, one cannot miss this original 1960’s Paolo Buffa “Settee”.

This sitting room is complete, with two armchairs and love seat (“Settee”), that needed no modification. We found this precious treasure by Paolo Buffa in especially well preserved condition.

It still has its original handwoven, short haired velvet fabric still intact. The refinement and finishing of these precious treasures shows evidence that they were all done by hand.

Its structure is almost intact, with some small scratches here and there indicateding the untouched originality of the wood and its finishing. From not being used, even the tapestry has not been damaged over time.

This beautifully handcrafted set, with its feminine lines and elegant shape is attributed to the typical style of Paolo Buffa.

We have them matched to the “Spider” table by De Carli. These pieces have the same color finishing and refined essence. The atmosphere in this space is really special. It’s like sitting in a different era, but with the style and harmony of forms, in which gives a strong sense of the modernity of a time, pasted.

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